Amazing Foods: Just smell them and lose Your Weight

Amazing Weight Loss Foods1 Amazing Foods: Just smell them and lose Your Weight

You often hear about diet programs and many other things to lose weight. There is a common perception that by eating less you can lose your extra body weight. Although, diet programs, your lifestyle, eating habits and types of foods have great importance for weight losing, but here is a new thing which you didn’t hear before. Just smell the foods and Lose Your Weight. Yes! It is possible. After several authenticated institutional researches, it has been proved that smell of certain foods has a very active role in weight losing. These foods are given below:

Olive Oil

German Research Center proved that Olive Oil smell is workable while looking for an easy weight loss solution. Research Center proved this by giving olive oil perfumed yogurt to a group of people with overweight, while plain yogurt to another group of people. They noted, the blood sugar level of the people who used perfumed yogurt remained low and they got weight loss as compared to the people who used plain yogurt. Experts say that the olive oil fragrance helps in reducing weight.

Olive oil 238x300 Amazing Foods: Just smell them and lose Your Weight


According to Journal Flavor research, spicy foods insist you to eat using small bites, which discourages overeating. Whereas, Garlic has the ability to make the food spicy and results that it begins to reduce your weight.

Peeled garlic cloves Amazing Foods: Just smell them and lose Your Weight

Green Apples and Bananas


Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation through an extensive research concluded that overweight people can shed their weight by smelling Green Apples and Bananas while they are extremely hungry. They give some apples and bananas to the people with overweight and ask them to smell while they are hungry; they noted a significant decrease in their overall amount of weight as compared to those who didn't smell those fruits.

Note: If you do not have these fruits then you can even smell the vanilla and mint.


West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy reports if you're hungry take little amount of fennel and fry its fragrance is helpful to reduce hunger, which really works to reduce weight.

Fennel 300x227 Amazing Foods: Just smell them and lose Your Weight


Rich in vitamin C, this fruit has an ability to reduce appetite. Research shows it reduces appetite if you smell it before taking your meals. The research team of Osaka University Japan conducted an experiment in which they smelled grapefruit oil to hungry mice for 15 minutes and noted a significant decrease in their appetite. According to the experts, this fruit reduces appetite by liver enzymes and boosts weight loss.


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