Best Diet Plan to Lose Weight

diet to lose weight1 Best Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Gaining weight may harmful for your health, if you do not get hold of proper steps to curb it on right time and in a good manner. If you are overweight then you may face a number of problems in your life. It can influence your productivity and may open the way for several diseases in your body. Losing weight properly may save you from all these troubles. Losing weight is not a tough job, but it needs commitment and courage. A diet plan has been shared below; by following this simple diet plan you can lose your weight significantly and can get back your smartness again.

Early In the Morning before Your Breakfast: Take 1 glass of warm water with honey, Ispaghol Husk, lemon juice, cumin seeds, ground fennel seeds and cider vinegar.

Breakfast: Take out cereal with almond, pistachio and mix fruit in skimmed milk or fruit and 2 cakes Rusk or 2 boiled eggs or fry in 1 tsp oil, along with tea without sugar or brown sugar.

Between Lunch and Breakfast: Take a plate of salad (cucumber, corn, capsicum, red kidney beans, lemon juice and salt).

(If the gap between your breakfast and lunch is 5 hours, then take this at mid time like after 2.50 hours after your breakfast)

Lunch: Take Lentils with one Bread (chapatti) or lentils with boiled rice.

In Evening Tea: Take 2 cake Rusk and 1 cup of skimmed milk tea.

Dinner: Take steamed or broiled fish or chicken, along with brown bread. Use green leafy vegetables. Take sweet dish some time. Have dinner 2 hours before bedtime. Take green tea before going to bed.

Also, trim off those entire factors from your daily life which you considered are contributing to your increasing weight. This diet plan is consisted on a daily eating schedule. With your normal routine, you can participate in some sort of physical activity to get more significant results. Morning walk and some prescribed exercises to lose fat are best for this purpose.


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