Effective Weight Loss Diet Plan

Effective Weight Loss Diet Plan Effective Weight Loss Diet Plan

There are so many weight loss plans, but only few of them gives expected results. Your eating habits and lifestyle have an active role in weight managements so if you are overweight then by changing your eating habits and managing an active lifestyle you can lose your extra body weight to get the right level of fitness. The extra weight makes you bad and unable to meet your obligations so if you really want to lose extra pounds of weight, then must have to follow a calories management and fat burner food eating plan.

Calories imbalance promotes weight, while you eat more calories and burn less calories than the calories not burned turns into extra weight, so eat fat burner foods to burn extra fat in the body. Basically, fat burning foods are foods that have negative calories; this basically means they use more calories to digest than calories within the food. For example Celery contains about 5 calories, but it takes 10 calories to actually chew and digest therefore resulting in an overall deficit. This same principle is true for other foods such as melon, asparagus, chili, apples, blueberries, cabbage, broccoli and strawberries. Adding into your food plan is the best way to achieve your weight loss goal. Here is a meal plan for a typical day on the fat burner food diet.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Mushroom onion and red pepper omelette, one medium banana and 8 oz glass of water chicken breast with steamed spinach or broccoli, low fat butter dressing and red apple slices for dessert and 8 oz glass of water Fresh fillet of salmon, cod or mackerel with homemade coleslaw and garden peas, 1 cupful of blueberries of strawberries for dessert
Note: Fresh fruit can be used for snacks in between meals. Drink more than 8 full glasses of water.

Vegetables and fruits are so much important for weight loss. Vegetables are also having a significant importance in this fat burning and weight loss diet plan, particularly green vegetables such as broccoli, peas, asparagus and spinach. This diet plan allows you to consume as many vegetables as you like on a daily basis. Try to eat at least 6 pieces of fruits such as fruits such strawberries, blueberries, apples, honeydew melon, and watermelon, daily. This is very good diet and if you find appropriate results, then you can use it as your weight management tool for future time periods.


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