Factors of Obesity in Women and Information to Get Fitness

obesity Factors of Obesity in Women and Information to Get Fitness

Gaining weight is a big health risk in people of all ages now days. According to statics there are more the 35 percent adult are obese or over weight and this is growing at very fast rate. If obesity or overweight is not controlled properly it can put one’s life on serious risk and make it difficult to meet the obligations and responsibilities. The health risk factors by obesity include number of diseases and illness including heart diseases, cancer, stroke, diabetes, osteoarthritis, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and several others that decreases the life expectancy and may lead to permanent disability.

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Obesity is common in both, men and women but currently research suggests that the weight gaining in women is differ from that if men. Mostly women are struggling for their weight. Weight gaining may make the life of women much difficult from that of men. There are a number of obesity promotive factors in women are given as fallow:


Women are required to gain their weight in the days of pregnancy. Usually women consume too much calories while they are expecting. They over eat and gain more weight that causes some time over weight or obesity. Also with overeating, several pregnancy complications contribute significantly in women obesity.

Lack of fatty acids

Certain Fatty acids help you to maintain your metabolism and curb unhealthy food cravings. Lack of these important fatty acids also can generate the overweight problems.

Birth in Old ages

Mostly women while they birth a child in old ages that may lead to mother or baby some time both to obesity.


Air, water and land pollution have a significant role in obesity and other relevant diseases development in human.

Drugs and Smoking

Medical research tells that use of drugs or smoking for a limited time or irregularly can also lead toward overweight problems.


In the days of menopause, the hormonal changes may cause an increase in appetite and lead to weight gain. Your changing body composition may also make it more difficult to lose any excess weight to make fit you.

Not Eating Enough of Quality Foods

Quality of food eaten is impacts on one’s health. Women, those did not eat enough quality food can be caught by obesity, because it did not provide and proper nutrition to body that may cause the energy imbalance in body which can lead to health risks.

Lack of Fiber

Fiber is necessary to lose and maintain a healthy balanced weight. It promotes bowel health and also gives the feeling of fullness which discourages to overeat. Some types of food cause fiber deficiencies in women and these fiber deficiencies promote the overweight by more eating.

Too Much Stress

Your mental and physical health development process needs comfort and satisfactory environmental conditions. Sometime a career development and family management may cause women to pack on the pounds and their body may go into crisis which is the leading cause of obesity or other fitness problems.

Lack of sleep

An enough sleep is necessary to keep you fit and healthy. Lack of sleep may cause several changes in body that may lead to fat accumulation and other promotive factors of obesity.

Operation and Medication

Physicians prescribe certain medicine during operation which affects the metabolism and other process. Also carelessness during operation and after operation by a physician or patient may cause the obesity in women specially a delivery operation.

Depression and Discomfort

Depression and discomfort may put a body in crises and generate the obesity related factors in women as well as in women. Also, some women have lack of emotional stability; they can’t control their eating during a specific situation like as while they are sorrow, angry etc, and this lack of emotional stability may generate obesity.

Diseases and illnesses

Certain type of diseases and illnesses may cause hormonal changes which leads to overweight problems. Certain medical abnormalities are also contributed in weight gaining in women.

As it is mentioned earlier if obesity is not controlled properly it can lead towards several health risks. There are certain choices for obesity patient to control their weight and keep it balanced for future time period. A balanced diet that have to give all necessary nutrition to over body may play a healthy role in our health development and can decrease the health related risk. Several weight loss programs for women as well as for men are being introduced commercially to get rid from weight problems and other health related issues.

lose weight fast Factors of Obesity in Women and Information to Get Fitness

You can conduct manual weight loss program at home regarding your diet and exercises which may fruitful for you to lose your weight. While you need immediate results then a clinics base weight loss program is a suitable option for you because such weight loss program is specially designed according to proper screening of your body and a physician may prescribe appropriate diet and other relevant measure to get urgent weight loss results.

Here are some important tips have been share with respect to your weight losing plan that could generate batter result in your weight management process:

With respect to your daily meal during weight management process:

  • Always take your meat on time and drink plenty of water before taking meal
  • Use right food at right time as it gives the proper nutrition
  • Always take meal while you are hungry
  • Use your favorite food in meal while it is possible
  • Enjoy your treats with friends away from home
  • Use much fruits and vegetables in your eating
  • Use several mini meals during the day
  • Eat protein, vitamins, and carbohydrate foods as it possible
  • Eat seasonal foods it is plays a significant role in health development according to environment
  • Use fibered foods in your meal
  • Avoid from fatty foods as it generate fat in body

As it is noted the energy accumulation in body or energy imbalance is the major cause of fatness so keep you active physically. Take a part in physical activities like as sports, morning walk etc, don’t site much in your television or computer screens as it make you inactive and you may fail to cut your weight. Fallow a diet pattern as you conducted by your knowledge or prescribed by a physician and keep you moving properly to get your fitness goal.


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