Some Necessary Guidelines for Controlling Weight

weight and foods Some Necessary Guidelines for Controlling Weight

A healthy weight is very important for overall health. If you are overweight or suffering obesity then you are at higher risk of developing several health diseases. Keeping right and balanced weight is necessary to enjoy a healthy life and to meet your responsibilities and obligation with full responsibilities. Your eating and life style are two main factors which causes obesity or overweight. In the below lines, there are some common prescription have been shared to control and maintain your body weight.


  1. Don’t eat much fast foods, avoid and keep away yourself from biscuits, sweets, cakes, pizza and all other such foods as they are good in taste but they are harmful for your health because they disturbs your metabolism.
  2. Don’t eat greasy or oily foods because they are great cause of excess fats in body. Always eat low or without fat foods especially meat. Always eat those items which are rich in protein and vitamins.
  3. Try to eat your foods in small plats. Eat your meal in groups instead of individually. Always try to eat from your own plats and eat once in a time.
  4. Eat fruits and vegetables in your meal, use bananas and apples especially during the day.
  5. Don’t eat fruits subsequently while you have taken the meal. Don’t eat much dry fruits.


  1. Always drink two or more glass of water at-least 10 minutes before eating your meal.
  2. Drink skimmed milk, at-least 2 or 3 glass daily and also, drink at-least 4 glass after getting up early in the morning with empty stomach daily.
  3. Uses juices as they fulfill the energy requirements of your body and good for weight losing.
  4. Avoid for alcoholic drinks and beverages as they causes weight gaining.


  1. Don’t wear lose clothes as they loses your skin and increases your physical magnitude.
  2. Usually wear clothes which keep your body tight and fit. Jeans is best for this purpose.

Daily activities:-

  1. Good sleep at least of 6 hours in a day is necessary, make a sure you are taking proper sleep.
  2. Keep moving yourself; exercise at least for 160 minutes in a day is necessary.
  3. Don’t sit much in front of your TV and computer till late night.


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