How to Lose Weight by Balanced Diet

When you starts thinking about how i lose weight, what first comes in your mind. Exactly! the intake of "Balanced Diet". As everybody knows that correct food is a key to good health but not actually knows that what the correct food is and what is balanced diet composed of. Truly it is not so tricky to find out  balanced diet, it only requires a little know how about which food item contains what. And I am here to give you this litte knowledge about balanced diet so that you can yourself selects the best food for your health.

Balanced diet  is not the intake of such food which looks nice like, junk food, or overcome your hunger. In a true sense it is the intake of nutrient-rich food. It means higher amount of nutrients and lesser calories. Your diet can be a varied one. The intake of few food items and ignoring any particular food group is not a good idea about healthy diet. A healthy diet must invoves in it  all types of nutrients like; carbohydrates, proteins, mineral salts, fats, fibre, which helps in increasing your metabolism rate and results in weight loss.

Carbohydrates are considered as the main source of energy

Proteins, allow you to build muscle for growth and repair

Fats are important as some of these contain fat soluble vitamins

With mineral salts, your teeth, bones, and muscles are strengthened

Fibre is important as it corrects the functioning of your intestines

To find these nutrients you don't have to rush here and there, it can be easily avaliable to you at your door step. The only requires the intake of  fresh-fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products, low fat meat, which not only provides you healthy appearance but also the active life-style.

Fruits and Vegetables provides you fibre. Fibre is vital component of balaced diet. You can easily fulfils its requirement by taking a bowl full of fresh fruits and nice fresh vegetables along with your meal daily.

Lean Meats, Eggs, Beans and Lentils gives you good amount of protein required by your body. It strengthen your muscles and prevents you from overeating.

Milk and Dairy Products (like, cheese, yogurt, etc.) are the great source of calcium but also of proteins and vitamins, which is very keenly required by your body. By the intake of low fat milk and milk products one not only lose weight but can also looks less than whatever their age is. It strengthen your bones on which your whole body stands.

Cereals, Potatoes and Breads are rich in starchy carbohydrates that acts as a fuel for body. The unrefined whole wheat bread and whole grains also gives anice amount of fibre.

This information shows that to take every kind food item not more than required and never ignoring any particular kind of food is actually said to be as "Balaced Diet".

Few tips are also important to taken into consideration while taking such diet, these are as follows;

  • Always try to it eat slowly by chewing it more.
  • You may not be in hurry or in stress while taking food as it affects your digestion, so be relax.
  • Avoid overeating because even the nutrient food can give you harm if take in too much quantity.
  • Never skip breakfast.
  • Take alot of fresh water.
  • Never snack between meals.
  • Most of the times skip desserts.

Once you try to take a healthy food you find out what best you have chosen. It requires patience to lose weight through balanced diet intake, and when it's results comes out it gives you long lasting effect. It never only brings your body in shape but also gives you change healthy life-style. So do adopt it and in order to get the best result also include exercise in your daily routine. Best of luck!


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