Best way to lose your weight fast

istock weight loss21 300x199 Best way to lose your weight fast

Today most of us take the phrase “lose weight” as a joke. People are losing weight very quickly choosing fashion diets, diet pills and other drugs. Such attempts are not permanent and may be dangerous by effecting health and physical appearance. Some time heavy drugs may make your hair fall, destroy skin cells, decay your teeth and bones etc.

But there are many ways through which people had proved that weight can be lost within a short period of time without any investment. The very true reality to lose weight fast is to set a plan with achievable targets. Don’t go for larger figures, a smooth and steady small change can minus a large figure in a month, so for the best results, you have to forget about the on the spot results and wait for a long term achievement.

Here are some rules to lose your weight in a very safe way through take and burn formula. Here is a very interesting step by step process which describes you the best way to lose your weight fast with an interesting start:

Get your Basal Metabolic Rate­-Basal Metabolic Rate is the number of calories which is the requirement of your body to maintain the body functions in a normal way. This will suggest you the minimum requirement of the calories you should take in a day.

Enlist your activities-make a list of what you do in 24 hours. Your each activity is helping you in burning the calories in your body. Estimate the number of calorie you are burning in 24 hours. You are burning your calories while eating, sitting, talking, thinking, sleeping. What you need is to know how many calories you are getting and how many you are burning daily.

Remain accurate-try to write down what you are eating in 24 hours. If you are able to use a website for help then its better because it will tell you how many calories you are taking. You can also get a list of calories from a health specialist but its better you visit a site which will give the exact figures. While eating, try to remain accurate to what you eat in real. If you make a list which you only eat at home then this is not the right way. You should be concerned about your visits to your friends home, restaurants, parties etc.

Burn more then you eat-here is a simple formula to know if you are losing weight or not. Add BMR and activity calories and compare with the Food Calories. If your Food Calories are more than BMR and Activity Calories then you are gaining your weight instead of losing. Make sure your Food Calories would be far less than the other figure. This will lose your weight in a fast way.

(BMR + Activity Calories) > Food Calories

If you are very much interested in losing your weight forever and in a short period without any side effect then having an eye on your daily calories is the best option for you. No any huge investment to buy any drugs or other instruments. Just need to maintain a daily schedule which will also help you to make your life well organized. Search a required lose weight program which focus on your calorie level and choose a program which helps you to find a best way to lose your weight fast.

Before working on your program to lose your weight fast, it’s important to make an aggressive commitment with yourself. If you are not going with your commitment then better if you thought that the task is assigned by your BOSS and someone is observing your each and every act. This would help you to achieve your goals in a better way.


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