vegetable heart HOW TO MOTIVATE OUR SELF TO FOLLOW ANY LOSE WEIGHT PLAN ?Every work we do in our life requires determination like starting business, purchasing house, start professional studies etc. The decisions which really going to affect our life are the serious issues among which one is how to reduce weight and by which lose weight plan.

Most of the people I know including me start following any lose weight plan with great passion but after few days leave it and come to the previous routine. Actually it requires willpower and some strong motive to strictly follow any lose weight plan.

For this purpose I suggests you to maintain a lose weight plan diary. There are few things which not work when we orally decide it. As our elders said, “always draw a written copy before starting any work”. This saying can also be apply in the case when you want to adopt lose weight plan but can’t be able to stick on it. Therefore it is good for you to write few important points in your diary, by which you can get motivation. These are;

  •  Firstly, determine what type of affect the weight gain puts on you. Is it only a matter of looks and body shape or it affecting your health? This decision makes your selection of lose weight plan easier, as every diet plan is not suitable for all.
  •  Secondly, set your goal by writing, why you want to lose weight? There could be any reason behind it like; you want to buy specific outfit or some special occasion/event is there, to stop hearing taunting remarks on your bulkiness and like…
  • Thirdly, keenly observe your routine life to know why you have put on such weight? What is the cause behind it? Is your too much eating habit makes you fat or is there is lack of hemoglobin in your body which swells your body?
  •  Fourthly, after deciding the causes of obesity you can easily write down how you can over come it. For instance, if the cause is eating habit kept aside your emotions during eating and controls the quantity of food. And if the source is lack of hemoglobin, increases the intake of those food items which are rich in iron.
  •  Fifthly, examine your today’s body shape and imagine how you look like after following the lose weight plan. Write down what type of dress you will design for yourself after reducing weight, how the other people will get surprise and what nice comments you will have to receive.

The purpose of writing all this is not to improve your hand writing but to add motivation in you so that whenever you losing your will to carry on lose weight plan this diary will help you to strictly follow your diet plan. These tips will not only provide you inspiration but will also guide you in choosing effective lose weight plan for you among the variety found nowadays.


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