Powerful Fat Burning Drink

Powerful Fat Burning Drink Powerful Fat Burning Drink

Good health and fitness level is very much important to enjoy a happy and healthy life, but most people could not maintain it. Obesity or overweight is major and common hurdle in way to a slim and healthy body. While we are eating more calories and burning fewer calories than the extra calories turn into fats in the body and start accumulating, and this extra fat accumulation leads to obesity or overweight. So, to keep an ideal weight and fitness level, first you should have to consider your calories burning in your body.

Proper and healthy diet is as essential as regular exercising when it comes to getting a nice and well-shaped body. Nutritionists would agree that it is more than important to eat foods that stimulate the fat-burning process. If you are looking for an instant solution to boost your metabolism and burn extra calories, here is a simple and natural drink. It is the easiest way to get rid of excess pounds without cutting off some foods from your menu. You can prepare this drink with the help of following ingredients:

Ingredients of Fat Burning Drink:

  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 2 apples
  • 34 oz / 1l filtered water
  • Fresh lemon juice or raspberries

Preparation of Fat Burning Drink:

Take all the ingredients, peel the first apple and remove the seeds. Cut them into inch thick slices and mash the slices using a large spoon or press. This step is important if you want to get as much juice as possible. Combine apple juice, filtered water and cinnamon sticks in a large pitcher and stir well. Core the second apple, without peeling it. Dice it into small pieces and add them to the pitcher. Stir again; keep it in the fridge if you prefer your drink cold. Your drink is ready, enjoy it.

Do you need more Fat-Burning?

This is a very good drink that cleans your body, gives you energy and burns fat. If you want to increase the fat-burning ability of your drink, add some fresh lemon juice or raspberries. Both have strong thermogenic properties.

How to Take?

One dose of the recipe is enough for three days. The detox and fat-burning process should last for 35 days. Make a 10-day break before you start again.

All the ingredients are rich in healthy properties


Water is very important for your overall health. As regards its functionality for your body, it transports nutrients to other organs, reduces fatigue, provides energy and suppresses hunger, keeps the skin elastic and the wrinkling and aging process is slower, water protects and lubricates joints and strengthens muscles. It helps regulate the body temperature and prevents the human body from overheating and it is necessary for normal cardiovascular function.


Packed with fiber, especially pectin, apples are best to lose weight. It is a soluble fiber that promotes food digestion and keeps you full for longer. Their high content of water, organic compounds and vitamins, boosts overall health. Apples are also known as a great detox food.


It is the most effective gift of nature that contributes to healthy weight loss process. Cinnamon has natural thermogenic properties, meaning it boosts metabolism and burns loads of calories. This applies to many other spices, especially those that heat up the body.


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