Some Prescriptions to Get Rid Of Chin Fat (Double Chin)

Double Chin1 Some Prescriptions to Get Rid Of Chin Fat (Double Chin)

Double chin or chin fat often causes awkwardness and distress, and may be a sign that you should change your diet. Fat often is stored under your chin if you are overweight. Many people turn to surgery to get rid of the unsightly second chin, but it can be reduced and even eradicated with a healthy, low-fat, nutritious diet and regular exercise.

double chin food Some Prescriptions to Get Rid Of Chin Fat (Double Chin)

Causes of Double Chin:-

A double chin occurs when a subcutaneous sheet fat around your neck sags and causes a crumple. Many families suffer from a hereditary predisposition to them. Some families naturally retain too much water in the chin area, and others naturally store excess fat. Age is another factor. As you age, you lose muscle, so the muscles in your chin weaken, and your skin grows looser. These factors may combine to leave you with a double chin, but the major cause of double chins is excess body fat. Some people carry fat on the chin more easily than anywhere else, and obesity and double chins go hand in hand.

If you are getting overweight as well as double chin then you should have to take some appropriate measures to control it, otherwise it may turn into a serious neck problem as well as may make it very difficult to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. First of all you have to change your lifestyle and start to eat some weight loss diet instead of your regular meal. On the other hand, you have to adapt some physical activities to cut down the fats and burn the extra calories in your body. Here in the lines blow some necessary prescriptions, especially to get rid of double chin have been shared.


  • Sit straight away and turn your mouth to the roof, then thrust, upper part of your mouth with tongue by moving your chin to chest. Do it at least 20 times in a day.
  • Sit on the right side, then loosen your lower lip and try your best to leave it. Keep your chin to your chest as well.
  • Turn your head to the ceiling and strongly try to turn your neck by keeping your lips off tightly. Maintain this position for 20 seconds.
  • This method will be very useful. Bring your tongue to your chin and keep your head in such position that somebody pushing your forehead back of your neck. Do it as much you can do easily.
  • Keep your chin active. Move it once to your, chest then left and right to the face. Do this exercise daily with speed.
  • In this exercise, stand up, spread your feet on the floor, keep your one hand on the floor and another on your neck, and try to turn your head towards the shoulders. Continue this practice at least up to 30-40 seconds, repeat.
  • Keep moving your jaws constantly like chewing. Take a long breath. Open your mouth as you can and try to touch your tongue with your back teeth. This method will give you best and safest results.
  • This is very useful and effective to make chin muscles and to avoid repeating it. Open your mouth and out tongue as a whole can take. You will feel pressure on your neck, repeat this process ten times.
  • Stand-up right and push your jaws as your desire position, the movement of the jaws to avoid your chin to double.

double chin exercise Some Prescriptions to Get Rid Of Chin Fat (Double Chin)


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