Surprising Benefits of Green Tea for Overweight People

Green Tea Surprising Benefits of Green Tea for Overweight People

It is said that “The human body is the best picture of the human soul”. A man with a healthy body possesses strong emotions and can face every challenge with a strong confidence and courage. He can meet every task related to his personal as well as official life successfully. While on the other hand a weak and ill person with unhealthy body cannot afford these all. Before proceeding first we have to analyze clearly that what is a healthy body? There is no specific scale to measure the health level of a human body, but it can be said a healthy body demonstrate the right level of fitness where a man has an appropriate weight with respect to his age and height and every part of his body is functioning well.

An appropriate weight has a significant importance while you are talking about the right level of health and fitness. Today the poor quality of foods, environmental pollution, and inactive lifestyle/lack of physical activeness are destroying the health of human by spreading several dangerous diseases. Among them obesity is one of the most common which affect the fitness of human. People suffering obesity or overweight are paying a lot to get rid of this curse around the globe. All the things adopted for weight losing are not equally effective. Absolutely, they have some positive effects, but mostly they don’t give the required output and some time effects adversely. But here a tip has been shared which holds some surprising benefits for those who are looking for an affordable and safe measure to lose their weight easily.

This is Green Tea that is the major diet for Weight Loss, if you think that we are overweight then use this Tea without sugar to lose weight because it can aid in weight-loss efforts by reducing appetite and boosting metabolism. According to the Studies the drinking green tea to the diet could help in reducing weight loss than doing exercise. The green tea for weight loss is the best option. Although only drinking tea wouldn’t do the magical work as the green tea for weight loss, but need to do some diet plans and exercises too.

G T benifits Surprising Benefits of Green Tea for Overweight People

Some Health Benefits:-

Green tea takes 2% to 4% caffeine, which affects thinking and alertness, increases urine output, and may improve the use of brain messengers important in Parkinson’s disease. Caffeine is believed to excite the neural system, marrow, and muscles by increasing the release of certain chemicals in the genius called “neurotransmitters. Here are some surprising health benefits of Green Tea for the people, especially those who are facing overweight or some other health problem such as stomach disorders, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, bone loss (osteoporosis), solid tumor cancers and many others.

  • The green tea helps in shedding the weight by preventing the sugar into fat cells.
  • Green Tea assists in increasing the metabolism and burns more fats and it inhibits the appetite that helps in weight loss.
  • This tea is good as it is diuretic and removes excess of the water from the body.
  • The green tea slows down the carbohydrate levels in blood sugar, and helps in losing weight by burning the fats.
  • Studies have shown that those take green tea daily for about 3 months would lose more body weight as compare to those who take regular tea.
  • According to the research green tea lowers down the blood sugar levels and as a result, it reduces the cravings for eating. So, a person wouldn’t gain the weight.
  • It contains substances that can help you lose fat.
  • It can help mobilize fat from fat cells.
  • Green tea increases fat burning and weight losing, especially during exercise.
  • A proponent in green tea called EGCG reduces the amount of lipids (fat) you absorb when you eat. This benefits your cholesterol level, causes weight loss and is very healthy for your heart.

How to Drink?

You should drink between three and six cups of green tea per day on a green tea diet. Make a plan for workout and weight loss. Because green tea would only help in burning off the 50 -80 calories each day, therefore eat sensibly and do workout to get the desired results. Green tea naturally contains a small amount of caffeine.  However, you shouldn't consume more than about six cups per day so that you do not consume too much caffeine and experience caffeine overdose side effects.

Time to Drink:-

The best times to drink green tea are in the morning and between meals. Green tea is ideal in the morning because its caffeine will stimulate you for the day ahead. Likewise, if you drink it between meals, you will have more energy and may not feel the need to snack. To drink green tea buy huge size green tea from the teashop to make sure that it is fresh. Because the Fresh green tea maintain its taste and antioxidant properties than does stored green tea, and huge size tea helps in preparing the tea.

Ice Green Tea and Supplements:-

Prepare ice green tea and drink it all day, especially whenever you feel starving. Green tea could help in satisfying the appetite and the desire for the flavor. Use Supplements of green tea for losing weight plan along with the green tea extract. Use high-level supplements of the kitchen that are called epogallocatechin gallate, that are the best supplements to help with weight loss.


For weight loss purpose you should not add fattening ingredients to your green tea. Additives such as honey, sugar, milk, cream and creamers, all contain calories and should be used in moderation or completely avoided.


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