Wight Loss to Maintain Physical and Mental Fitness

physical health Wight Loss to Maintain Physical and Mental Fitness

Today’s the majority of peoples are suffering the sedentary life style. The overall level of health and fitness is decreasing in the society. Carelessness about fooding and lack of proper exercising is the main cause of decreasing the health and fitness level in our society and it is main cause of decreasing overall productivity level. A healthy person is the valuable asset of the society. Our health supports us to live longer, healthier, and more independently in the society. Being healthy physically and mentally we are able to perform well and help to other peoples who are living around us.

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Complete Health and Fitness Level

Fitness is the state in which our body and mind are functioning as we expecting “or” it can be said it is the state of complete physical and mental health. As regards the physical health its mean each part of our body in functioning without any pain, sickness and disturbance. It is the complete soundness of each part of your body. Your physical health is being affected by your life style, environment and availability of healthcare services and can be maintained by taking rest and proper exercise, eating healthy and regular checkups of your body.  As regards the mental health it is the level of mental comfort or an absence of a mental confusion. It may include an individual’s ability to enjoy life and create a balance between different activities of the life and efforts to achieve psychological pliability.

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Disadvantages of Weight Gain "Obesity"

Unscheduled life activities and improper fooding are the main causes of bad health and unfitness today because improper fooding and lack of proper activities creates the energy imbalance that results the much body mass and creates obesity that may leads our body towards the risk of several diseases like as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, infertility, back pain, gallstones, ulcer, skin infections and several other dangerous illnesses.  Almost the obesity is the main cause of several dangerous diseases so there is need to losing weight quickly in order to prevent your body from such dangerous diseases. Combining the calorie-controlled diet and regular exercise is help full to maintaine your fitness and losing weight in short period of time.

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Need to Lose Weight

As we see Obesity may have several negative effects on health and may lead to reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems and may put one’s life on the risk of serious disability. So there is a need to take appropriate measures to control the increasing weight in order to avoid such health threats. First of all it is necessary to prevent further weight gaining by taking appropriate measures. Taking appropriate weight loss measure on right time is helpful to improve general health and reducing the risk of obesity-related impediments. For this purpose one can setup his self weight loss plan or there are several clinics equipped with experts’ physicians are introducing professional courses and program for this purpose. These plans are consisting on several stages are easy and convenient for individual according to his daily routine activities.


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